Apps for RISC OS computers


MoreDesk (1.27)

The RISC OS virtual desktop manager, MoreDesk.

Moan (1.04)

Free desktop card game, Moan. This game uses two decks of cards and up to four players.

7backup (1.20, 7bupstats 0.37)

Flexible backup tool, includes the add-on 7bupstats from Chris Johnson to tell you what 7backup is doing (even for background backups). Requires Routines.

AMPlayer (1.39)

Fork of Peter Naulls' port of AMPlayer including:
‐ Larger playlist
‐ Better memory management
‐ Empty playlist button
‐ Save the playlist
‐ Shuffle button

CreateSEC (1.02)

Tool for creating a self-extracting archive for files, directories and applications - you just run these archives (on RISC OS!) to decompress them. Requires Routines.

SnowDemo (1.01)

Seasonal silly demo program. Can take a while on slower machines!

MouseInfo (1.03)

Example application that rovides real-time information about colours, windows and icons under the mouse pointer. Requires Routines.

vCalRead (1.09)

Example application to decode and translate vCalendar and iCalendar files. Requires Routines.

asmfind (0.01)

Recursive source code search for ARM instruction sequences with various tricks to help it to avoid missing matches due to comments and labels (etc) in the source code.

SetAccess (1.05)

Handy desktop application for setting file and directory permissions.

Squarc (2.11)

Fast file/directory archiver using Acorn Squash module.

Spr2BMP (1.01)

Tool for converting RISC OS sprite images into Windows BMP images. Requires Routines.

ShortCut (2.06)

Desktop application for creating shortcuts to files, applications and directories.


Utilities for RISC OS computers


Routines (1.48)

A dynamically-linking library of many useful BASIC routines.

DoTextseek (1.00)

Small bodge to allow you to launch the Textseek search window from an editor (i.e. Zap).

WinMenu (1.00)

Use the Windows key on your keyboard to open a menu at the mouse pointer.

MemDebug (1.01)

Provides protection for developing BASIC programs which use indirection operators.

OpenWatch (0.02)

Module which helps improve the desktop behaviour for Geminus users (specifically those with two monitors).

MouseCmd (0.01)

Module providing some useful commands for controlling the mouse (e.g. moving the pointer and simulating clicks and drags).


Command-line tools for RISC OS computers


BASSwitch (1.00)

A tool to conditionally strip sections from tokenised BASIC programs.

BASVars (1.08)

A small program to analyse and cross reference variable and routine use in tokenised BASIC programs. With features added by Martin Bazley.

BJoin (0.03)

Command line utility to append a number of tokenised BASIC programs into one program.

BCrunch (0.01)

Command line utility to crunch tokenised BASIC programs.


Strip all lines starting with "VDU:" from a tokenised BASIC program.


Powerful search for objects in a file system (including expression evaluation).

GrabWin (1.00)

Grab areas of screen as a sprite, usually a window or set of windows. Requires Routines.


Perform a command if a file or directory is 'empty' (else perform another command).

LocaleRes (1.03)

Set a system variable to the current machine locale string.


Utilities to launch tasks, if not already running, or kill tasks, if running (Unlaunch now issues PreQuit).


Simple utility to canonicalise a filename into a system variable.


Scan through files and output any strings of printable characters.


Miscellaneous items for RISC OS computers


Zap Filters

A collection of useful filters for the popular RISC OS editor, Zap.


Example sorting algorithm (in BASIC), combining quicksort, heap sort and insertion sort.


Trivial example of how to use dynamic areas from BASIC.